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Dolores St at 7th Ave, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921



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La Bicyclette features European Country Cuisine, hand-crafted using local ingredients and old world artistry. Our food is simple and spontaneous, blending flavors and cooking techniques in a way that is rooted in tradition yet creative.

Our menu is updated weekly, allowing us to make use of the freshest locally sourced ingredients. The kitchen is tiny, with all food prepared on a six burner stove and in our wood-fired oven.

La Bicyclette features cuisine crafted from local ingredients using old world techniques. Our food is simple and spontaneous, blending flavors and techniques in a way that is both creative and comforting. The menu changes daily, allowing our guests to experience new dishes each night. In addition to the à la carte menu we feature thin-crust pizzas made in our wood-fired Mugnaini oven. The restaurant works in collaboration with the Carmel Middle School habitat on teaching local children the importance of living and eating sustainably. Some menu items feature produce grown in the school’s gardens.

Our adventure in the restaurant business began in 1974 when we opened our first restaurant, La Boheme, in the location where La Bicyclette is today. We served only one prix fixe dish per night, posting a calendar of our monthly menu in the window. The food was simple and fresh, reflecting the family meals we grew up with as children in the countryside of Belgium.

To our surprise and delight, there was a line out the door every night. Although we had never intended to become restaurateurs, we discovered a true joy in sharing our culture where great food and wine went hand-in-hand with good conversation and friends. In 1978, we sold La Boheme to one of our top waiters and opened Casanova Restaurant.

Thirty-seven years later, we found ourselves back at La Boheme, which we remodeled and opened as La Bicyclette. When the corner store next door became available, we expanded and added much needed space and the wood-fired oven that is now the cornerstone of our cuisine and bakery.

The return to our first restaurant is also a return to our roots and childhood, the décor and food evoking the joys of riding bicycles through the countryside and the delicious family meals we enjoyed at home.