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Lincoln between Ocean and 7th Carmel-by-the-Sea, California



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Fifth generation Californian Kris Thomas Blichfeldt comes to Carmel By The Sea to influence the Monterey Peninsula with his remarkable sanquine perceptions. Whether its the Aerial Photography, Bronze Sculpture or Ceramic Porcelain Masterpieces, you will sense the peace and beauty that will take you to a higher spiritual plateau. Kris has made Monterey California his home for the last 28 years.

It is his power of sensitivity in creating art between what the soul wants to see and the heart wants to love. Each of Kris’s Porcelain hand built pieces are justifiably unique and one of a kind. Bronze are limited edition numbered pieces and signed. All photography is limited editions. Once exposed to Kris’s art work, it causes you to notice a sense of something authentic and Kris’s loving kindness…coming together in the moment you see it for the first time. You will not forget. A walk through Kris Thomas Blichfeldt’s Carmel-by-the-Sea gallery reveals the artist’s variety of work. There is a photograph of desolate Mono Lake with lightning spider-webbing the sky above it and a digitally enhanced image of a Carmel Beach scene projected onto the bald knob of Half Dome. And there are bronze sculptures of violins and pianos. “I’m a Renaissance artist,” Blichfeldt proclaims.

Before opening his own gallery in 2016, Blichfeldt had a very specialized job as a sculptor for 20 years, making handcrafted figurines called Poupee Millet dolls. “They were everywhere,” he says. “They were in the high-end trinket galleries.”

When the doll company shuttered six years ago, Blichfeldt pursued his art wholeheartedly. His affinity for music led to his sculpture series titled “Symphony in Bronze.” “I like to take music and make it three-dimensional,” Blichfeldt says of the project.

Meanwhile, his photos are inspired by living in California. “It is all devoted to the California coastline or the California mountains,” Blichfeldt says. “I want to show the best of where I live, so I want to share my front yard, which is the coast.”