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Dolores between 5th & 6th , Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921



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Ami, means friend in French and owner, Kimberly Theobald feels blessed with her friendships and wanted to create a circle of friends helping and supporting each other in this community and beyond.  Her business card is in the shape of the circle also.  Spheres represent love and one of the goals at Ami is getting us back to Loving ourselves up and our friends & families & the world.  She is also a Yoga Teacher and sees Ami as an outlet to spread the word to create a little, or a lot, of STILLNESS daily.  You may want help with her collection of blankets, wraps, candles, journals and yummy loungewear.  STILLNESS brings clarity and a consciousness to see the BEAUTY that surrounds us daily in moments, in nature, in life and even at Ami. 🙂   BEAUTY is always there but in our hurried lives we sometimes don’t stop to notice.  Her belief is to fill your life with meaning.  Purchases that bring us joy have meaning.  Let go of the items at home that don’t and come to Ami and find that item that ignites passion or inspiration again.   And then to CELEBRATE it.  Gratitude is magical.  It heals, it creates more to be thankful for, it honors.  So be sure to CELEBRATE always.  Hand on heart, Ahhhhhh-me.  Love, Ami.