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Dr. Seuss animation and illustration artwork from the books we love to read. Presenting the newlyreleased limited edition “Secret Art Collection,”available now.

Take a walk down Der Ling Lane to enjoy the courtyard and visit “The Studio in the Garden,” Thomas Kinkade’s first Exclusive Signature Gallery

Artist-owned gallery featuring Mary Titus original paintings; Lynne Cook, T. Barney, Reza Basserri, John Chappell, Dey Young, Jeff Hobgood sculpture. Open daily

Early in his career as an artist, Travis moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he developed a love for landscape and devoted his time to painting while learning his technique. He had long been fascinated by Tonalism – a style of painting where…

Enjoy contemporary art, local Monterey-county wines, and premium Olive Oils in this beautiful shop. Trio offers complimentary tasting of premium Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars from around the world. Featured contemporary art includes both local…

Owner/operated since 1980. Member: ISA; FADA.19th & Early 20th Century California & American Fine Art. Featuring Armin Hansen, Percy Gray, S.C. Yuan & others.

Fine 19th & 20th century photographs from the leading gallery of its kind; Ansel Adams, Brad Cole, Rod Dresser, Chip Hooper, Michael Kenna, Brett Weston, Edward Weston.

A contemporary gallery representing mid-career artists including Jack Zajac, Gwynn Murrill, Mari Kloeppel, Andrea Johnson, Bruce Beasley, Annette Corcoran, & David Ligare

Wyland,accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, & writer has traveled the globe for 25+ years, capturing the raw power and beauty of the undersea universe

Carmel’s oldest gallery has been a popular destination for art collectors for decades. Over 80 artists from around the world are represented in an impressive showroom